Painting for me is the language of freedom, you can express yourself without words yet it is also a language that is not always understood. Whenever I feel I need some color in my life, I start to paint.

Marion Krueger-Vogel

I was born in Caracas, Oct. 31, 1963 and I spent my childhood and youth in Venezuela. This aI came to know and love this beautiful country with its wonderful people. Some of my paintings tele about this special period in my life, and they show the incredible variety of colors in the nature and people.

After my apprenticeship as a cosmotologist and make-up artist, I enrolled in a silversmith seminar.

When I taught in various European countries I had the opportunity to meet and get to know people of different cultural background and customs. My experiences are mirrored in my paintings. I would like to unite different people and make this unity the main subject of my work.

In addition to painting I also engage in sculpturing.

My experiences as a mother of three has instilled in me the desire to paint lively motives of children with a positive aura. For these paintings I like to use shining acrylic colors and silk.

My job at an international airport has given me many opportunities to work closely with people of different nationalities. This has inspired me to found an artist agency which could help them find opportunities to exhibit their works and organize events.